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Blue Water


Minimum Fees and Cancellation Policy

Half Day Mediations and Arbitrations  will be subject to a minimum fee of two hours. Full Day Mediations and Arbitrations will be subject to a minimum fee of four hours.

Cancellations must be made three business days before the mediation to avoid being charged the Minimum Fees.


Computation of Time

Mediation and Arbitration Fees over the Minimum Fee will be charged in thirty minute increments.



For circuit-civil mediations, parties will be sent an invoice following the mediation. All invoices are due within fifteen days.

In family law cases, payment is required at the conclusion of the mediation session.

For arbitrations, the minimum fee is due in advance. The parties will be sent an invoice for the remainder of the fee following the arbitration.

Video Conference

Zoom Videoconferencing

All mediations and arbitrations are available utilizing Zoom Videoconferencing at no additional cost, providing convenience and cost savings by avoiding the time and expense of travel.

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