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Mediation and Arbitration Scheduling

  • To schedule a mediation or arbitration, please review Lara's availability calendar. Click "Calendar" and choose a time that works for all parties. You will receive an email confirmation within 24 hours.

  • Please contact Lara directly at if a different start time is requested for full day mediations or arbitrations.

  • Reserve enough time for your mediation or arbitration, especially if multiple parties or complex issues are involved.

  • Mediations and arbitrations can take place in an attorney's office, court reporter's office, or over Zoom Videoconferencing. For assistance finding a location, please contact Lara and she can help with necessary arrangements.

  • After a mediation is booked, please email the Notice of Mediation to

  • If you have questions or would like additional information, please email

Mediation Statements 

Mediation Statements are encouraged to assist the mediator in preparing for the mediation session. They should include the nature of the parties, facts of the case, issues in dispute, and status of the legal proceeding. Statements should indicate whether they have been exchanged with the other side or should remain confidential. Please submit any statements at least 48 hours before the mediation.


Submissions can be sent by email to or by overnight courier (please indicate no signature is required for delivery) to

Tibbals Mediation

4030 Henderson Blvd, Suite 590

Tampa, Florida 33629

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